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GenreCon 2011 a Free Literary Convention!

GenreCon a free literary convention runs this Saturday at The Sarnia Branch of the Lambton County Library is located at 124 Christina Street South, Sarnia, Ontario, one hour northeast of Detroit, Michigan on I-94 and one hour west of London, Ontario on Highway 402.

This year GenreCon features several former Sarnia residents who now work at ChiZine Publications. These are Co-publisher, Editor in Chief and Bram Stoker Award winner Brett Savory, Managing Editor Helen Marshall and Marketing Manager Laura Marshall.

Also planning to attend are ChiZine Co-publisher Sandra Kasturi, Brett's partner in life, writers Jeff DeLuzio and Ryan Gibbs, science fiction writer and editor Eric Choi and mystery writers Dennis Collins, N. J. Lindquist and Crime Writers of Canada President Catherine Astolfo.

This is the schedule of events:

GenreCon 2011 Schedule
10 AM West Room "Why editing is important and its role in publishing"
Moderator Sandra Kasturi, Brett Savory, Eric Choi, Helen Marshall, N. J. Lindquist

Library Theatre Planetes anime space television episodes:
"The Lunar Flying Squirrels" & "Extraterrestrial Girl"

11 PM Meet and Greet Reception

12 PM West Room The Small Press Moderator Sandra Kasturi, Dennis Collins, Brett Savory, Eric Choi, Laura Marshall

East Room HadouCon Panel pitches Have you got an idea for our anime/manga convention HadouCon happening on July 9th 2011? Then come and pitch the idea! Runs until 4 PM at the lastest.

Library Theatre Planetes episodes "A Place To Cling To" & "Regrets"

1 PM West Room The Mystery Genre and why I chose to write in it.
Moderator Dennis Collins, N. J. Lindquist, Catherine Astolfo

Library Theatre Cowboy Bebop science fiction episodes John Woo inspired "Ballad of Fallen Angels" & the Blaxploitation tribute "Mushroom Samba"

2 PM West Room "Meet Chizine Publishing" they produce weird, surreal, subtle, and disturbing dark literary fiction presented by Moderator Sandra Kasturi, Brett Savory, Helen Marshall, Laura Marshall

Library Theatre Anime SF Movie The Girl Who Leapt Through Time

3 PM West Room Writing: Plot vs Characters Moderator Eric Choi, Dennis Collins, N. J. Lindquist, Catherine Astolfo, Jeff DeLuzio

4 PM West Room The Yellow Peril and Exotic Asia Refracted Through SF and Fantasy Historical images of the Orient are shown and their influence on science fiction is discussed Moderator Jeff DeLuzio and Eric Choi

East Room Genre Poetry Discussion how does it fit or not? Moderator Catherine Astolfo, Sandra Kasturi, Helen Marshall, Ryan Gibbs

5PM Depart for Ups and Downs for Optional Group Dinner Book Early!

Jeff Beeler
Space Shuttle

GenreCon 2010

Tuesday, May 11, 2010 For Immediate Release

The Sarnia Library Presents: A Day With Authors GenreCon 2010

Sarnia, ON – GenreCon, a free literary convention featuring several mystery, science fiction, horror and fantasy authors, returns to Sarnia Library on Saturday, May 15, 2010.

Providing fans and local writers with the opportunity to talk with other genre fans and writers, GenreCon presents a wide range of panels on writing, reading and publishing genre fiction, including mystery, horror, fantasy and science fiction. There will also be panels on anime and manga, a free film program of anime movies on the big screen in the Library Theatre, book signings and books for sale.
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The Sarnia Library Presents the Free Anime Movie Night

Sarnia, ON – The Sarnia Library Graphic Novel and Anime Club is presenting a free anime movie on Monday, August 18th at 7:00 PM in the Library Theatre. Admission is free; however, the library will accept donations of canned goods and other non perishable items for the Inn of the Good Shepherd Food Bank.

Anime is the very realistic animation usually created in Japan but gaining popularity in other countries. Examples of anime movies include: “Spirited Away”, “Metropolis” and “Porco Rosso” all by Studio Ghibli, “The Triplettes of Belleville” created here in Canada and the science fiction epics “Akira” and “Ghost in the Shell.”

The anime movie to be broadcast on August 18 illustrates the history of Japan through the life of a fictional actress and her quest to find her lost love. The movies she makes parallel her journey through life. The animation is described on the Internet Movie Database as visually amazing with unique character designs and detailed backgrounds with just a tiny bit of surrealism.

A.O. Scott of the New York Times says, “To witness one cinematic medium celebrating another, an expression of movie love that is wonderfully eccentric and deeply affecting.”

This movie is rated ‘G for General’ and is suitable for all ages. Please call the Reference Department at 519 337-3291 to find out the title of the movie, for more information and to confirm your attendance.
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This group wasn't my first idea about getting a group together. A whole site is dedicated to groups, Meetup. But, it isn't free. I did find a list of people that may be interested in this group. (At this time I am not sure of the price, because even though it is not stated, in the accounts section there is a links to "Payments")

Looking up Meetups near Port Huron only shows 3.
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Hello and first message

I guess I will post a message now. I tried to send messages to other users about this group, but I see now that there is a limit.

Well, what is this group about? Basically, fandom and a bit of counterculture. Sure, it is hard to categorize everyone, but I'll try. Do you have strong interests? Can you describe in detail what you like? Some I can be a little obsessive about my interests, but that's okay. As I told one of my friends the whole point of the group will be to allow people to discuss their interests openly without fear of being rejected.


Though interests can wildly vary, I would like it to revolve around nerd/geek fandoms. I am not excluding sports or car enthusiasts, but there are plenty of other groups for those subjects.

This is a list of Michigan Sci-fi/Fantasy conventions that may be of interest.

ConClave Romulus Michigan USA SF/F [24] 2008-10-03
ConFusion Ann Arbor Michigan USA General [31] 2008-01-18
Penguicon Troy Michigan USA General [89] 2008-04-18
AmberCon Detroit Michigan USA SF/F [149] 2008-03-13
Marmalade Dog Kalamazoo Michigan USA Gaming [254] 2008-03-28
MediaWest*Con Lansing Michigan USA SF/F [256] 2008-05-23
U-Con Ann Arbor Michigan USA SF/F [325] 2008-11-21
Youmacon Troy Michigan USA Anime [389] 2008-10-30
ConVersation Novi Michigan USA relaxacon [432] 2008-07-25

The point to this group is to get out and meet your fellow fans therefore I would like some suggestions about meets and places. This group is decentralized so if you want to plan a gathering, that would be great.