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Hello and first message

I guess I will post a message now. I tried to send messages to other users about this group, but I see now that there is a limit.

Well, what is this group about? Basically, fandom and a bit of counterculture. Sure, it is hard to categorize everyone, but I'll try. Do you have strong interests? Can you describe in detail what you like? Some I can be a little obsessive about my interests, but that's okay. As I told one of my friends the whole point of the group will be to allow people to discuss their interests openly without fear of being rejected.


Though interests can wildly vary, I would like it to revolve around nerd/geek fandoms. I am not excluding sports or car enthusiasts, but there are plenty of other groups for those subjects.

This is a list of Michigan Sci-fi/Fantasy conventions that may be of interest.

ConClave Romulus Michigan USA SF/F [24] 2008-10-03
ConFusion Ann Arbor Michigan USA General [31] 2008-01-18
Penguicon Troy Michigan USA General [89] 2008-04-18
AmberCon Detroit Michigan USA SF/F [149] 2008-03-13
Marmalade Dog Kalamazoo Michigan USA Gaming [254] 2008-03-28
MediaWest*Con Lansing Michigan USA SF/F [256] 2008-05-23
U-Con Ann Arbor Michigan USA SF/F [325] 2008-11-21
Youmacon Troy Michigan USA Anime [389] 2008-10-30
ConVersation Novi Michigan USA relaxacon [432] 2008-07-25

The point to this group is to get out and meet your fellow fans therefore I would like some suggestions about meets and places. This group is decentralized so if you want to plan a gathering, that would be great.


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Jun. 29th, 2008 03:27 pm (UTC)
Hi there! Thanks for the PM.

I tried to send messages to other users about this group, but I see now that there is a limit.

When you first make a livejournal account, there's a limit to what you can do. It's more of an anti-spam/anti-troll measure than anything and the restrictions will loosen up a little as time passes. I used to be really active with mailing lists (when mailing lists were more active) and one time I switched e-mails so that I could have all my fannish stuff going to one and everything else to another - Yahoo had a restriction on new accounts that only let me join ten lists a day. It took about two weeks to switch everything over!

Do you have strong interests? Can you describe in detail what you like?

Let's see. I'm an anime and manga fan. I help run the Japanese Anime, Manga and Music Club (JAMM) which meets at the Port Huron Library and at a private home (I can PM info on the Wednesday night meetings if need-be). We're not a big group and are always looking for new members. ^_^ Personally, I'm pretty non-genre-specific. I like the Gundam series and am also a big Transformers fan (though I'm toning down the obsessive toy-buying because I'm sick of dusting them all).

I'm also a (ick, should I say this?) hardcore video gamer. I play mostly RPGs, suck at anything involving flying or shooting (or, in the case of the Star Fox games which I love and can't play, flying AND shooting), and have a modest collection of import games of all genres. Okay, I think the term 'hardcore' is kinda tacky, but it's how other people describe my collection.

Are you familiar with the Xtravacon series? They're little one-day conventions, mostly buy/sell comics and toys. I pretty much always drive down and am willing to offer rides for a small gas donation. ^_^

As far as places to meet~~ Neutral places are always good. Barnes & Noble. Denny's, if it's the middle of the night. Vantage Point/Desmond Landing (once the festival is over). The anime club has a hard enough time scheduling into the library, so I'm not sure another group could get in. But you could call and ask.
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